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Created with heart.

Inspired by travel. 

I am Rebecca Hawkes, an ethical graphic designer working from an ever changing studio across the globe. I work with conscious brands as I am passionate for using my skills for the greater good. 

You can find me designing for brands in the US, Europe and further afield. Regardless of geo-location I am finding inspiration on the earth my feet walk across. 



As a child, before any journey my mother would pack me a supply kit. Filed with something to read, draw and perhaps a healthy snack, these backpacks of goodies, were everything I needed before heading out onto the road. In a similar way this pack has been created to support you on your own journey. Just as nourishing, filled with brain fuel and creative activities to accompany any adventure into the unknown.  


Wild & Yonder

The Wild & Yonder pack is inspired by every person I have met along the road that has dreamed of running their own passion filled business while living a life without limits. 

Along my journey I have met dreamers that envision a life without limits but are unsure of the path to get there. They have ideas but no idea where to start. 


Want to dive deeper or fulfil your curiosity?

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