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How do I receive my pack? 

The pack is currently available as a digital download. As soon as you purchase you will be delivered a zip file with all the goods to get you started on your journey. The pack is designed so that you can print it, fill it in upon your computer or device. I love seeing photos of your filled in version, simply tag me in your post of use the hashtag #wildandyonderpack 


Do I need to have Photoshop or creative software? 

Not at all. The pack is created as a PDF (and MP3 audio) so can be read by all computers. The editable PDF’s can be typed into using Preview (Mac) or Acrobat (Mac & PC) 


Is the pack available for a limited amount of time? 

The pack is evergreen, meaning that you can re-use and re-access at any time. If you have any issues downloading drop me a line - 

I have many ideas and interests, I do not know where to begin. 

I know how you feel and a life filled with passions and interests is one to be celebrated, however frustrating it can be to focus! I suggest going through the pack with an open mind, psyching into your curiosity and testing what ‘interest’ dominates your mind. The exercise can be used for multiple business ideas so if you have many ideas to choose from then you can test them out along the way. 


If I buy the self-study pack, can I then upgrade to one-on-one guidance at a later stage. 

Absolutely! I’d love to help you along the way, giving you a guiding hand, accountability and a sounding board for your ideas and unique path. 

Send me an email at -