Wild & Yonder Pack

Wild & Yonder Pack


The pack is designed for anyone who has dreamed of running their own business, finding your inner fire, your passion and setting the intention to make ideas a reality. 

You yearn to turn a hobby into a lifestyle that can support you. You wish you had the freedom to explore the depths of your passions. You wish to wake up each day and feel drive and passion towards the work you invest your time into. You want to make a difference but are stuck as to how your particular treasure chest could help other. You wish to live an extraordinary life. 


Pack Includes

Idea Growth Handbook

Reflect Journal & Planner

Map creation




The handbook & journal are provided in an editable (digitally) and print ready version.

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I have met many people along the road of my travels that have an overwhelming of talent and potential, but with no path on how to turn their interests or hobbies into a business. This pack is created for you. Looking towards holistic practices, the pack dares you to explore the world around you, search for new perspectives and opens you up to the possibilities that you may not have even noticed. After dreaming big, the pack is designed to help you to root down, define the area you are interested in and set you up with a workable path towards goals and a destination. I want you to feel supported by this pack, to find your own path and to create a business that will impact your life and the world. 

The pack is inspired by where it was created, India and Sri Lanka. This special version features the power of 'Kolams' in their design to bring forth prosperity and wealth, a meditation recorded in the Sri Lankan jungle and hand painted patterns inspired by the foliage of India.